Easy to use accounting software

GoBooks has been designed from the ground up to help the small business owner manage their projects and finances in a simple, straight forward manner.

We know you don’t want to spend all weekend sitting at your computer doing accounts and sending invoices. With GoBooks you can now do it on the go, on site or whenever you need to and send secure instant payment invoices directly from your mobile!

Simple to use job management software

For the small business owner, managing projects efficiently and getting your business running smoothly is not something you learn over night. There are thousands of accounting systems out there (I'm sure you have seen them on the TV) that promise to help you run your business smoothly and free up quality time. The majority of these systems are seriously complex and have been made by people who have never been at the front line of running their own small businesses so they don’t know the struggles people have doing their own accounts and managing their projects.

Just like you, we are small business owners who want simple to use accounting and job managment tools - GoBooks has been built alongside small business owners to ensure that the system is easy to use no matter your skill level. It gives you the right amount of tools to quickly and easily manage jobs and customers. Plus the ease of use of GoBooks ensures that you will not be afraid to use the system to its full extent.

Easy to use online accounting system

Managing your accounts is a task that most business owners dread. This is why we have accountants. With GoBooks, you can give your accountant access to your account right here and they will be able to quickly and easily gain access to all of your income and expenses for any given period.

GoBooks helps you calculate your expenses, taxes and income on a weekly and monthly basis. This will let you know how much money your business is generating and give you a guide as to how much cash flow you have.

Online Invoice Maker with Paypal & PDFs

Need to quickly generate and print out invoices? No problem, GoBooks is your go to online invoice system. The 1 click invoicing system allows you to either generate and download a PDF Invoice or Email the invoice to your customer with an optional Paypal link for instant secure payments.

Too good to be true?

Think this is all too good to be true? Give us a call to get a free trial. As GoBooks is stil in Beta stages, you will get 6 months free of charge usage then 50% off the full rental price for EVER!

Call 01382 525 896 for more infor and to get your free account.